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Marilyn Zayfert is a seasoned business development expert who places great value on effective communication and building relationships. She prioritizes equity, integrity, and best practices, making her a steadfast community leader, coach, and mentor who thrives in dynamic environments with diverse individuals and groups.

At the Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of NY (SUNY), Marilyn serves as an Adjunct Instructor, delivering a crucial undergraduate course on "Applications of Social Media" within the School of Art and Design, specifically in the illustration and interactive media department.

As the Founder, President, and Social Media Marketing Consultant of illumiNET Digital Marketing Consultants in Staten Island, New York, Marilyn has collaborated with over 100 clients to devise digital marketing strategies, integrate social media platforms, organize events, and coordinate projects. Her expertise lies in developing and implementing tailored marketing campaigns to reach clients' target audiences and establish brand leadership. Marilyn also enhances marketing efficiency through social media training, web design, and search optimization.

As the Assistant Director of Workforce Development – Employer Engagement and Marketing at United Activities Unlimited, Inc. (UAU) in Staten Island, New York, Marilyn managed enterprise processes, messaging, marketing, and outreach for the UAU Job Development Team.

Marilyn's sales experience includes her role as Senior Account Manager at Roche Diagnostics in the Greater New York City Area. She managed a specialized hospital territory with a primary focus on maximizing sales. Marilyn cultivated strong relationships with targeted healthcare providers and stakeholders, negotiated multimillion-dollar contracts for hospital programs, buying groups, HMOs, and IHNs, and provided consultation to buying groups and insurance providers regarding healthcare reimbursement. Furthermore, Marilyn conducted disease state and product presentations, conducted clinical studies in New York City hospitals, and played a pivotal role in establishing the Metropolitan Diabetes Association.

Regarding education, Marilyn holds a Master of Science in Education from Saint John's University and a B.S. in Biology/Biological Sciences, Health Science, and Nutrition from the City University of New York-Brooklyn College. She is also certified in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.​

Marilyn has been a Board Member of numerous national and local not-for-profit organizations. She became best known for her outreach work via social media after Hurricane Sandy when she used her knowledge of leveraging social media communication to amplify awareness, raise funds, and spread information about Staten Island and public events. Marilyn is also the founder and curator of the online blog Staten Island NYC Living.


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