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Marilyn Zayfert is the president of illumiNET Digital Marketing, which she founded in 2009 after observing the broad reach of social media.  Marilyn is an Adjunct Professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology, teaching the psychosocial effects of Social Media and how to use it professionally. She combines her high level of sales, and Marketing expertise with the latest internet marketing strategies in order to build brands, create content, and leverage the newest trends to achieve the best results. Marilyn is expertly trained and experienced in digital education, customer-oriented selling, Customer Delight, Strategic Sales and Marketing, Total Quality Management. and building competitive immunity.  Marilyn successfully utilizes statistical and digital analysis to assure outstanding results. She is a public speaker and event organizer specialing in Digital Leadership and Social Media Marketing and Applications. Her expertise includes digital platform optimization, social media for social good, community awareness, local event promotion, and social media for fundraising. She utilizes precise strategic management by goal and objective. I perform Needs Assessments, System Implementations, and Product Education. Ms. Zayfert is an expert contract negotiator and dedicated leader, coach, and mentor. Marilyn writes state of art curriculum for education and training on Social Media applications. She researches and creates custom policies using best practices for Brand recognition, sales, and marketing.

Marilyn has been a Board Member of numerous national and local not-for-profit organizations. She became best known for her outreach work via social media after Hurricane Sandy when she used her knowledge of leveraging social media communication to amplify awareness, raise funds, and spread information about Staten Island and public events. Marilyn is also the founder and curator of the online blog Staten Island NYC Living.


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